25th Congress of the International Commission for Optics (ICO) • 16th International Conference on Optics Within Life Sciences (OWLS)

Silver Sponsors

Delta Optical Thin Film A/S

Delta Optical Thin Film A/S (Hørsholm, Denmark)

Delta Optical Thin Film A/S is the leading supplier of advanced, high-performance continuously variable filters commonly used in a variety of biomedical imaging applications including fluorescence microscopy, Hyperspectral Imaging, compact spectrometers, monochromators and micro-plate readers among others.

Delta Optical Thin Film also provides single, multiband, laser-line and broadband band pass filters, long pass filters, short pass filters, dichroic and polarizing beam splitters along with other custom coated optical components. All filters can be delivered in different shapes and sizes down to tiny filters for Point-of-Care (PoC) instruments, fully tested – both spectrally and visually – with dedicated equipment.

Delta Optical Thin Film offers a wide range of high efficiency durable hard coated filters that have set the standard for high performance and precise operation. With its unique design tools and decades of experience, Delta can provide highly competitive standard filters and customised filters and optical components to exacting customer specific applications.

Delta Optical Thin Film produces all optical filters exclusively as modern Ultra-Hard-Coated filters. Ultra-Hard-Coated (UHC) filters are produced with an advanced plasma process that enables a much higher packing density than traditional hard coatings. The coating is deposited on a single substrate and hence does not make use of glue or colour glass. The resulting filters are exceptionally robust and can withstand intense light and humidity without losing their performance.



VON ARDENNE GmbH (Dresden, Germany)

Information will follow soon.



All Sponsors listed above are also Exhibitors at the "25th Congress of the International Commission on Optics (ICO-25) and the 16th International Conference on Optics in the Life Sciences (OWLS-16)".

Further exhibitors are:

Menlo Systems GmbH

Menlo Systems GmbH (Martinsried, Germany)

Menlo Systems GmbH is a leading developer and global supplier of instrumentation for high-precision metrology. The company with headquarters in Martinsried near Munich is known for its Nobel Prize winning optical frequency comb technology. With subsidiaries in the US and China and a global distributor network, Menlo Systems is closely connected to its customers from science and industry. The main product lines are optical frequency combs, time and frequency distribution, terahertz systems, ultrafast and ultrastable lasers, and corresponding control electronics. Besides standard production, Menlo Systems develops and manufactures custom made solutions for laser-based precision measurements.


scia Systems GmbH

scia Systems GmbH (Chemnitz, Germany)

scia Systems is a full range supplier for precise surface processing equipment, based on advanced ion beam and plasma technologies. The systems are applicable for coating, etching and cleaning processes, especially for the MEMS, microelectronics and precision optics industries , in both, high volume production as well as research and development environments.

scia Systems stands for highly reliable equipment to meet expectation for today and the future. Due to their flexible and modular design, the systems can be configured according to customer specific requirements. Amongst others by combining several vacuum process chambers into cluster or in-line solutions. Together with our worldwide service partners, we offer comprehensive service and superior technology support.

Technology Portfolio

  • Ion Beam Trimming (IBT)
  • Ion Beam Etching and Milling (IBE/IBM)
  • Dual Ion Beam Sputtering (DIBS)
  • Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition (PECVD)
  • Reactive Ion Etching (RIE)
  • Magnetron Sputtering
  • Dry Cleaning


Schott AG

Schott AG (Mainz, Germany)

SCHOTT Advanced Optics, with its deep technological expertise, is a valuable partner in developing products and customized solutions for applications in optics, lithography, astronomy, opto-electronics, life sciences, architecture, and research. With a product portfolio of more than 120 optical glasses, special materials and components, we master the value chain: from customized glass development to high-precision optical product finishing and metrology. Your Partner for Excellence in Optics.
Contact: info.optics@schott.com



Sponsoring and Exhibition

If you're interested in the Opportunities for Sponsoring and Exhibition Booth at the 25th Congress of the International Commission on Optics (ICO-25) and the 16th International Conference on Optics in the Life Sciences (OWLS-16),
please find the following PDF File below.

It contains all Information regarding Sponsoring and Exhibition, aswell as Contact Data and the Registration Form.


Appreciation of OWLS

Light has the potential to recognize the origins of diseases, to prevent them, or to cure them early and gently. This is one of the central topics of the International Society Within Life Sciences (OWLS), which was founded at the ICO-15 Congress in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany, in 1990. Therefore, the 25th ICO General Congress is held for the first time jointly with the 16th International Conference of the - ICO International Society Member - OWLS and a special commemorative event of the 30 years anniversary of the foundation of OWLS in Germany will be organized.


Important Dates

16 May 2020
Celebration of 60 anniversary of the LASER

31 August - 04 September 2020
25th Congress of the International Commission for Optics (ICO)
16th International Conference and 30 Years Anniversary of the International Society on Optics Within Life Sciences (OWLS)

Important Information

A Special Issue of the Journal of the European Optical Society – Rapid Publications (JEOS:RP) with papers from the congress ICO-25-OWLS-16-Dresden-Germany-2020 is planned. The general chair of the congress, Prof Juergen Czarske is associate editor of the JEOS:RP: jeos.springeropen.com


TU Dresden
01062 Dresden, Germany